About A Trolley Driver’s Guide

Chicago Trolley

A Trolley Driver’s Guide to….is simply a travel blog about destinations.  I am starting with Chicago, because well I am a Trolley (and Double Deck Bus) Driver and Tour Guide based here in Chicago.  As you can imagine I do enjoy talking, and learning, about my home city.  My love of learning doesn’t end at my city’s boundaries.  I also enjoy traveling to new destinations and learning about new places.  What I have learned in my travels is that traveling is fun.  Meeting new people is fun.  Seeing new places is fun.  And since the world is an ever changing place, destinations are always ever changing.  There is always something new to find and enjoy.  I hope to make this page/blog a way to find places to visit and make as much use of your limited time as possible while here, whether it is 3 days (or 5 days, or 10).  As a tour guide, and a fellow traveler, I would suggest taking a tour of the city, especially if you’ve never been there before.  Why?  Because it is a great way to jump right in and find out what places are where, geographically speaking.  That way when out and about you can find the places you want to go to, and to be able to explore them more deeply then you could find in any travel guide, or on any tour of the city, and feel more comfortable and confident in doing so.  It sure helped me on my first solo trip to Dublin Ireland.  Going from Chicago’s modern streets that run on an easily navigable paths to Dublin’s medieval winding streets was difficult at best.  Using the tour buses in Dublin not only helped me find the places I already knew I wanted to visit, but a few other places to visit that I managed to squeeze in during my short time there.  So why read a travel guide/blog?  Because it is still a great first step.  A first introduction into a new destination.